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Our website showcases of all the different kinds of A-brands we sell all over the world.

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On our website you can look up the products you are interested in, and easily request an offer. If required, we can also send you a brochure with all of our products and prices.

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OLE SP Z.O.O | Worldwide trading company | Import and Export Food & Beverages the Netherlands.

OLE SP Z.O.O deals with buying and selling of OLE SP Z.O.O goods. We offer only the the best recognized A-brands
such as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Colgate, Unilever, Nestle, Nutrilon and Johnson & Johnson.

Our clients are spread all over the world, from Singapore to New Zealand, from United States to Spain and from South Africa to Brazil.
We supply to both the intermediary as well as the wholesaler.

As an import and distribution company with a diverse range of products imported from around the world, our company has established a variety of products with great success ranging from beverages, foodstuffs, sweets and coffeehouseholds, soft drinks, baking goods, milk powder to various consumer goods.

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OLE SP Z.O.O | World Wide Trading Company
Distributing over 15 000 OLE SP Z.O.O products to more then 50 countries in the World.
We supply more than 1000 Clients such as wholesale companies and supermarkets.

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