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Chewing gums

Chupa Chups 3pack Gums

Chupa Chups Babol 3pack Gums 250 gram.

Brand: Chupa Chups
Pieces per pallet: 300
Weight: 250 gram

Available types:
TuttiFrutti, Strawberry, Green Apple, Cola

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Mamba Fruit Gum

Mamba Fruit Gum 26,5 gram.

Brand: Mamba
Pieces per pallet: 3024
Pieces per box: 48
Weight: 26,5 gram

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Orbit Chewing Gum

Orbit Chewing Gum.

Brand: Orbit
Pieces per pallet: 1620
Pieces per display: 30

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Orbit Kids Chewing Gum

Orbit Kids Chewing Gum.

Brand: Orbit
Pieces per pallet: 1200
Pieces: 20

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Orbit Professional Chewing Gum

Orbit Professional Chewing Gum.

Brand: Orbit
Boxes per pallet: 1008
Pieces: 24

Available types:
Strong Mint, Fresh Mint, White, Sweet Mint, 
Extra Fresh

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Airwaves Chewing Gum

Airwaves Chewing Gum

Brand: Airwaves
Pieces per pallet: 1080
Pieces: 30

Available types: Menthol & Eucalyptus, Cassis, Extreme, Peppermint

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